Pool Information

Swim Team

Hiddenbrook hosts the Hurricanes swim team. To learn more about the swim team, click the logo link below. 

Hiddenbrook is a membership only club. If you are interested in purchasing a membership you may search for a current member who is selling their membership or you may purchase directly from the club. 

The Swim & Tennis Club is  currently selling memberships for $500 (one-time purchase price) + the cost of this season's dues which are $512.

If you are a current member interested in selling/transferring your membership, please review the documents below.

Affidavit for Lost Certificate

Transfer Policy

Tennis Memberships

​​Tennis-only memberships may be purchased from the club. Please contact the property manager for more information

Membership Sales/Transfers


2022 Pool Pass Update- 

Please be advised that the new pool software system is available for use at this time.

You can access the digital pool pass through the Hiddenbrook application (available on both iPhone and Android) or the below link:


For step-by-step instruction for set up, please click the "How to  use the Digital Pool Pass System" link in the membership documents and your instructions will pop up. 

If you have any questions, please contact cmiller@sequoiamgmt.com or Shannon@sequoiamgmt.com for assistance.

The  pool is open from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.  The pool hours are 11am-9pm daily with the exception of dates where there are swim meets or swim team events are planned. Please see the clubhouse calendarpage for meets and other team closings. Make sure that your email is on file with the HOA so that you can receive the monthly newsletter and updates regarding the pool. 

Guest Passes
​​If you would like to purchase guest passes to be added to your digital pool pass, please contact management for assistance. 

Current Rates: 

$20 - 10 guest passes 

Membership Documents​​