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The law in Virginia requires that you provide a resale disclosure packet to your buyer. We recommend ordering the packet as soon as you place your home on the market to avoid any delays once you have a contract. A review will be performed of the exterior of your home by the ARC Committee before the documents are produced. To order a resale packet, please contact the property manger.

The Hiddenbrook Homes has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) responsible for approving or disapproving all planned changes, additions or improvements to neighborhood houses or the landscaping (including fences).

Exterior changes to your house include, but are not limited to, replacement windows, doors, storm doors, garage doors, sheds, additions (attached or free standing structures), roofing, and paint color other than the original color, landscaping redesign, new fence construction, installation of hard-scapes, expansion or paving of driveways, removal of present fence and changes to existing fences by applying pigmented stains.

In other words, if it changes the appearance of your house or lot, please seek approval. It may prevent you from having to redo or remove improvements, construction, landscaping and alterations on the lot if they do not conform to or harmonize with the existing surroundings and structures.

The ARC Committee's decisions for the approval/disapproval of changes are alterations are governed by a set of guidelines. These guidelines also govern the care and maintenance of each homeowners property. Twice a year, the ARC committee and the property manger, perform a full community inspection to ensure compliance.


Meeting minutes are approved in the following month's board meeting and are posed to  the website shortly thereafter